Rootamentally Shredding NYC...

holy shit man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The broadway bomb in NYC was unreal!!!!! Crazy... 230 some skaters gone wild in the city like a pack of feral dogs. There is no way i can describe it to do it justice.

It's really just you versus the streets and traffic. Everyone skating is working together. Insane energy like Spain's running of the bulls, only the bulls are yellow taxi cabs....

To finish is to win!

some cool links with footage... <----these are chris's friends. good people. Sqidforce is thier project. <----has the most info videos and photos.

This Saturday the "Broadway Bomb" skateboard race will hit the streets of New York City. For those that havent heard about it, 8 miles from the upper westside of Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge. Broadway doesn't close for the race, so part of the challenge is working your way through the gnarly NYC traffic to make it to the finish. I've never before been part of this legendary event.. time to check it out! Ryan and I are driving up to New Jersey tomorrow to meet our friends Chris and Mike. The four of us are going to hit it up on Saturday. Hopefully we can get a few good photos and let everyone know about the broadway bomb experience...
-Allen Thornton
More info on the bomb -