Parliamental HQ

Here is Parliament / A Creative Company and their interesting HQ.

Wood and Concrete, As skateboarders we love the match. Their vintage mix of clean modern furniture and details all wrapped up into one, makes the Parliament “World Headquarters” a pretty unique office!
All images copyright Lincoln Barbour.
One of our spaces had a funky post that made the room difficult to use, but it was put to use with the addition of a floating L-shaped desk.

Staffers dine and unwind upstairs alongside a nice pile of firewood.

Made from wood reclaimed from a 1904 barn and retired fruit and whiskey crates, this little fellow was made from more than 600 individually milled pieces.

Made from a pair of salvaged pizza oven bases, vintage Brooklyn Street signs and a 1942 barn, we built sit down and stand up versions.

Every desk was made from reclaimed fir from an early century church, and the wood for the lath walls came from a 1904 barn.

This is where the magic happens.

Great to have a central large work bench.

Walls can be interesting by themselves.

We LOVE Wood and Cement.